Back by popular demand

We are pleased to showcase a unique loan collection of 3″ Christmas ball with historically correct Native American portraits painted by Judith Bancroft of Onaway, MI. Judith carefully researched and meticulously hand painted 100 balls of which 63 are on exhibit at the Pickford Museum through September. The portraits represent many tribes across America including some from the Chippewa County area and include a brief biography of each one. Judith entered her collection in Art Prize in Grand Rapids in 2016 and chose our museum for the second public showing.

Judith Bancroft

  • Native American Dolls
  • Arrow Heads
  • Stamps
  • Medical, Dental
  • Bert’s Babershop—Shave Mug Collection
  • Land Use
  • RR & Maps
  • History of Museum Building
  • Phones
  • Pickford Notables
  • General Store
  • NASA Space
  • Teacups/teapots
  • Matthias Episcopal Church
  • Ancestral Mom – Ruth Beacom Ames

Permanent Collections

Reference a revised and enhanced military collection and several additions to the collection of Ancestral portraits.

  • Extensive Military Exhibit
  • Ancestral Portrait Hall
  • Women’s Professional Baseball League Hall of Fame (donated by Rosemary Stevenson)

Your museum makes a perfect repository for family artifacts where they will be cared for, showcased, shared with future generations, treasured and appreciated.

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